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Planning to Conquer the Cisco DevNet Certification 1.1 in 2 Months: A Strategic Roadmap

Planning to Conquer the Cisco DevNet Certification 1.1 in 2 Months: A Strategic Roadmap

Are you aiming to master Cisco DevNet and validate your skills with the DevNet Certification 1.1? You’ve come to the right place! This roadmap outlines a focused approach to help you achieve your goal within two months. Buckle up and get ready to embark on a rewarding journey!

Month 1: Building the Foundation (Weeks 1-4)

  • Week 1: DevNet Fundamentals (5-10 hours):
  • Week 2: Programming Fundamentals (20-30 hours):
    • Master the fundamentals of Python, your essential tool for network automation.
    • Focus on data types, variables, control flow, functions, and object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts.
    • Recommended Resources:
      • Online courses like Codecademy’s Learn Python 3 or Coursera’s Python for Everybody Specialization
      • Books: “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” by Al Sweigart, “Fluent Python” by Luciano Ramalho
  • Week 3: Network Programmability and Automation (20-30 hours):
    • Delve into network programmability with Cisco technologies like APIs, NETCONF, and YANG.
    • Grasp configuration management, data retrieval, and troubleshooting using Python libraries like requests, Netmiko, and Cisco DNA Center API.
    • Recommended Resources:
  • Week 4: Infrastructure as Code (IaC) (15-20 hours):
    • Gain expertise in automating infrastructure provisioning and management with tools like Ansible, Terraform, or Cisco Cloud Automation Service (CAS).
    • Recommended Resources:
      • Online courses like A Cloud Guru’s Terraform Complete Certification or Linux Academy’s Ansible Essentials
      • Documentation: Terraform by HashiCorp, Ansible by Red Hat

Month 2: Deep Dive, Practice, and Exam Readiness (Weeks 5-8)

  • Week 5: Security (10-15 hours):
  • Week 6: Containers (5-10 hours):
    • Gain foundational knowledge of containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, relevant for microservices architectures.
    • Recommended Resources:
      • Online courses like Docker Fundamentals or Kubernetes Fundamentals
  • Week 7: Practice and Review (30-40 hours):
    • Put your skills to the test using Cisco DevNet Sandboxes, practice exams from reputable sources, and community-driven resources.
    • Engage in the Cisco DevNet communities to connect with peers and experts.
    • Thoroughly review course materials and revisit areas needing improvement.
  • Week 8: Exam Preparation and Confidence Building (10-15 hours):
    • Familiarize yourself with the exam format, duration, and question types to manage time effectively (https://developer.cisco.com/certification/).
    • Employ relaxation techniques to combat test anxiety. Visualize success and stay focused.


  • Consistency is Key: Dedicate focused study time daily or several times a week.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Hands-on labs and practice exams are invaluable.
  • Community Matters: Leverage the DevNet community for support and knowledge sharing.
  • Stay Motivated: Celebrate milestones and visualize your success.



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